Bio-Decontamination Equipment

Bio-decontamination Systems 

  • Bioquell ProteQ

  • Bioquell Qube

  • Bioquell SeQure

  • Bioquell L-4

  • Bioquell IG-2

  • Bioquell Integrated Building Decontamination System

  • Bioquell RBDS - Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service

Bio-decontamination Systems Features 

  • Dual-loop technology for efficient cycles

  • Even distribution of vapor using rotating nozzles

  • Advanced software and controls for ease of use and operation

  • No residue to clean up after decontamination

  • Low operating and maintenance costs

  • Flexible multi-use generator

  • Critical condition monitoring with alarm set points

  • Can be used in areas with sensitive electronic equipment due to hydrogen peroxide vapor’s excellent material compatibility

Bioquell decontamination equipment is used worldwide to bio-decontaminate both enclosures and rooms. 

The bio-decontamination chambers range in size and function; we work closely with the client to determine the optimum system

Bioquell is the leading global supplier of bio-decontamination solutions. The company was formed 280 years ago in 1730, supplying plumbing and sanitation services and now have over 45 years of experience in building hydrogen peroxide vapor generators. Their unique Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) technology has been used globally to eradicate problematic bacteria, viruses and fungi. Bioquell’s HPV process provides reside-free, safe and repeatable sterilizations of rooms, buildings and equipment for immediate occupation in minimal downtime.

Bioquell products are used in Life Science Research, Pharmaceutical production & testing, Health Care, Defence and Food Production, among other industries.