Founded in 1982, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is the world’s leading supplier of real time contamination monitoring systems and airborne particle counters. The Lighthouse line of particle counters is composed of a complete line of handheld, portable and remote particle counters with many features that make the Lighthouse equipment line the best worldwide.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions are used in over 9 industries including the pharmaceutical, life science and medical care industries, and have their products in over 50 countries.


Airborne Particle Counters


Lighthouse’s airborne particle counters use new generation in the field of portable particle counting technology to provide top notch reliability and quality.


Liquid Particle Counters


Lighthouse’s liquid particle counters use a state-of-the-art patented laser technology to provide top notch reliability and quality.


Microbial Samples


Lighthouse makes counting of Viables user friendly with a touchscreen UI and accuracy. Proven microbial sampler technology for high-end pharma, medical and hospital applications.