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Bioquell, an Ecolab Solution, is a global leader in biodecontamination systems and services specializing in the design, manufacture and application of our unique Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology. We focus on protecting your work from biological contaminants by providing solutions that eliminate problematic bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and more.

Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services that protect people and vital resources. With Life Science solutions and technical expertise focused on cleaning, sanitisation and contamination control, Ecolab ensures safe, compliant and operationally efficient work areas.

With Ecolab and Bioquell you will always be aware of global trends and regulatory changes that impact your operations, and have solutions to keep you at the cutting edge.


True Efficacy
Eliminate 99.9999% of pathogens for a 6-log kill on all surfaces with Bioquell’s proprietary Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology.


Validated Trust
EPA-validated and compliant with Europe’s Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), Bioquell’s solutions are also used by the FDA, CDC, NIH and EU.


Global Commitment

Bioquell systems are trusted by leading pharmaceutical companies and industry-leading institutions around the world.


Value Your Time
Bioquell’s Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor process has been proven faster and more effective than other automated decontamination methods.

Systems for Life Sciences

Rapid, adaptable, validated, efficient, productive, integrated:Bioquell systems and services provide the vital assets you need for safe and compliant 6-log pathogen kill for work that leads your profession.

Bioquell ProteQ

Quickly and effectively decontaminate nearly any room or zone with this mobile, scalable and compliant system with wireless communication technology. All components, including built-in aeration and room for additional optional aeration, are hosted within its frame, making setup simple.

Ideal for:

▪ Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Areas

▪ Production Labs

▪ Room and Zone Decontamination

▪ Bio-Safety Labs

▪ Cleanrooms

▪ GMP/GLP Laboratories

Bioquell IG-2

Make Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor a complete, consistent part of your protocols for total system integration. Ensure the right system set-up with Bioquell’s expert support.

Ideal for:

▪ Restricted-Access Barrier Systems


▪ Filling Lines

▪ Cage and Rack Washers

▪ Isolators

▪ Incubators

▪ Freeze Dryers (Lyophilizers)

▪ Robotic Enclosures

▪ Material Airlocks

▪ Small-Volume Rooms

Bioquell L-4

Use Bioquell’s versatile, multipurpose Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor generator to decontaminate surfaces from enclosures and equipment to larger rooms and spaces.

Ideal for:

▪ Enclosed Systems & Equipment

▪ Isolators


▪ Freeze Dryers (Lyophilizers)

▪ Bio-Safety Cabinets

▪ Cage & Rack Washers

▪ Incubators

▪ Filter Banks

▪ Room Decontamination


Create an aseptic workspace with Bioquell’s customizable isolator integrated with our Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology. Its unique decontamination capabilities create an ISO 5 / Grade A clean space for you to perform your work in.

Ideal for:

▪ Compounding sterile and non-sterile drugs

▪ Hazardous Drug (HD) compounding

▪ Cytotoxic drug preparation

Bioquell SeQure

Rooms with high risk patients or hosting patients at their most vulnerable, such as an operating room, can be repeatedly and easily cleared of pathogens with this wall-mounted and compact system.

Ideal For:

▪ Operating rooms and surgical suites

▪ Reducing Surgical Site Infections (SSIs)

▪ Hospital pharmacies

▪ Biocontainment units

▪ Bioquell Pods

▪ Patient rooms

Bioquell SeQure.png

Bioquell Integrated Building Decontamination System

Create a fully integrated, centralized decontamination solution designed specifically for your facility to reduce manual setup times, increase repeatability, and remove human error.


Ideal For:

▪ GMP Biopharmaceutical manufacturing areas

▪ GMP Filling suites

▪ Biomedical facilities 

▪ Biosafety/containment laboratories


Infection control priorities can shift at any moment, requiring an advanced decontamination that UV and aerosolized technologies cannot provide. Bioquell’s Rapid Bio Decontamination Service (RBDS) can be quickly called upon to eliminate pathogens, stop outbreaks, handle emergency response situations and much more for any size area.


Ideal for:

▪ Emergency response situations

▪ Outbreak and cluster control

▪ Recurring problematic pathogens

▪ Commissioning spaces before and after construction

▪ Scheduled or routine decontamination of critical areas

▪ Mold remediation

Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service (RBDS)

Swift set-up and decontamination turnaround, including unique accelerated emergency response deployment


Full decontamination in minimized time frame with large scale capacity and highly trained team members


Remove pathogens from a single area, several locations spread throughout the facility or an entire building


Utilises Bioquell’s patented technology with enhanced controls, monitoring and capacity


Full reporting with biological and chemical indicators showing pathogen eradication from all exposed surfaces


Availability during weekends, holidays and off-peak hours; unmatched efficacy compared to other technologies

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