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Service & Calibration

PharmaMedSci provides technical consultation, remedial maintenance, preventative maintenance, and local calibration & certification.

System Maintenance

▪ Manual inspection of all instruments and sensing points

▪ Manual inspection of all computer systems and data devices

▪ Manual inspection of all vacuum pumps and utilities

▪ Virus scans, disk-fragmentation and surface scans on the key data    

   collection devices.

▪ System backups and data archives

▪  Cleanup of all files and a system integrity test to maximize performance



▪ Fast turnaround

▪ On-site calibration for systems

▪ Including as-received test data

▪ Repair and calibration of remotes, handhelds, and portables

▪ Repair and calibration of other manufacturer’s particle counters

▪ Reinstallation of the calibrated instrument

Service & Support

▪ Troubleshooting electronics

▪ Laser diode or x-ray laser tube replacement

▪ Firmware testing

▪ Internal Instrument cleaning

▪ Component replacement

▪ Consumable parts replacement

▪ Instrument Calibration (NIST traceable)

▪ Canadian Based Instrument Removal


▪ All service technicians are factory trained

▪ Factory authorized service centres

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