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Livestock Cages

Livestock Cages Solutions

  • Britz Modular Kennel

  • Pen Systems

Livestock Cages Features 

  • Micro-environments for improved facility space use

  • Multi-species housing solutions

  • “zero defect” system

  • Stainless components

  • User training and post installation follow-up

  • Ease of waste collection, draining and cleaning

  • Highly customizable solutions

Britz & Company’s Animal Housing & enrichment units are used for non-human primates, dogs, cats and small livestock species. Their solutions are extremely customizable to suit the demand of clients. Various group housing units are also available to accommodate large animal storage facilities or rooms. 

Along with the Animal Housing solutions, Britz & Company offer complementary products and equipment to enhance the end user’s productivity.

Britz Modular Kennel .jpg

Britz & Company’s animal housing solutions can accommodate a wide variety of animals and their team of experts can design an effective solution to any animal housing need.

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