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High Capacity Washer disinfectors for CSSD and automated washing


Range of instrument washer disinfectors with load capacity from 12 up to 18 DIN trays 1/1

Trolley Washer Disinfectors


High productivity cabin washer disinfectors individually adapted in more than 7 sizes.

CSSD furniture and small equipment


Complete range of CSSD furniture, equipments and accessories.

Steelco was founded in 1995 and has been at the forefront of innovation and progress in the washer disinfector sector in the healthcare, laboratory and pharmaceutical industries. Steelco can provide washer disinfectors for small practices, up to high productivity devices. Steelco also offers full system planning services to support CSSD team managers in customizing lay-out configuration for new or restructured projects.

SteelcoData's full control system can be used for traceability, remote device monitoring and data management which completes the Steelco products catalog. 

Outstanding solutions focuses on quality, safety, productivity and environmental compatibility. 

Medium Capacity Washer Disinfectors


Range of instrument washer disinfectors with load capacity up to 10 DIN trays 1/1

Ultrasonic Washers


Perfect cleanliness even on the most intricate shapes. Steelco ultrasonic treatment devices are designed for full integration

in automated CSSD solutions.

Small capacity washer disinfectors

Range of instrument washer disinfectors with load capacity up to 1 DIN tray 1/1

Drying and Warming Cabinets


Configurations dedicated to surgical instruments, anaesthesia items and blanket warming.

Flusher disinfectors for hospital and nursing houses


Hygienically handle and disinfect all reusable items such as bedpans, urine bottles, suction bottles and buckets.

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